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**Keep Tweezers out of the reach of children! Tweezers have sharp tips and could cause puncture of skin.

**Sterilize all tools before and after use.

**Scissors have sharp tips and Sharp knife-edge which can cut or puncture skin. Keep out of reach of children.

How to clean Aroma Diffusers:
1. Add a small amount of warm kitchen detergent remover.
2. Clean with water. 

3. Use swab to wipe gently,and then use cleaning cloth to dry it lightly.


How to clean Makeup Brushes:
1. Holding bristles face down?run the bristles of brush under warm running water.
2. Gently squeeze out any excess water and makeup residue.
3. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather.
4. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.
5. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
6. Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel.
7. Allow it to air-dry,avoid direct sunlight

How to clean Tweezers:
Use an antibacterial soap and pat tweezers dry using a clean, cotton cloth. Sanitize the tip of your tweezers with alcohol or peroxide. Run a cotton swab dipped in alcohol across the tips for a deep clean. Rinse tweezers under water after sanitizing them to prevent harsh ingredients from irritating the skin.
**Heating the instrument, Using a disinfectant or Boiling

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